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Pottery classes

Class Sign-Up

Cost: R1250 P/M 
for 4 classes a month consisting of 3 hours.

Saturday classes: R1100 pm
(only every 2nd sat)

ncludes teaching, clay, overglaze and firing of items.

Class times:

  • Wednesday:10:30-13:30

  • Thursday:14:00-18:00

  • Thursday: 18:00-20:00

  • Saturday:10:30-2:30


At Melkbos pottery the way classes are run is that we teach as we go along. We teach you how to do slab, coil and pinch techniques and from this you can hand build anything. It is important to note that each student is responsible for their own creative ideas and we help and teach you to make this, thus no one makes the same thing. We believe as adults we all tend to want to make our own art and this type of teaching is much better suited for that and this is why we can accommodate beginners and advanced students in one class.


The classes are small with no more than 12 students in each class for us to be able to attend to each students needs.  We do not do structured classes, or wheel throwing classes.

We do however offer private once off classes for families who wish to do creative work together.

The teaching studio is fully equipped with everything a potter needs. Available to use are slab rollers, pottery wheels, slip casting moulds, slump moulds and bisque moulds for functional work. This is all situated in a modern state of the art pottery studio. 

We teach on a term based class schedule with each term consisting out of three months class time and two weeks holiday, which coincides with school holidays. Advanced workshops take place during these holidays.

Porcelain, walfort white, terracotta and low fired clay as well as speciality tools are available to purchase in the studio store.

Speciality glazes such as AMACO, stains, lusters and tools are at your own cost. We do however have some tools available to use for beginner students.  

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