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Clay Formes, 2023

As Olivia Barrel so eloquently puts:

 “Barker pays homage to a collective material past and draws it into dialogue with an unknowable future. In hand-marbled porcelain, recreated ancient cooking pots and nest-like vessels, we are reminded that our personal, particular time-lines are bound up and convergent in the ancient shared one. Her practice frequently draws two or more of these elements together- with specific emphasis on the archaeological as both method and metaphor for making new ceramic work (Clay Formes, 2023)”. Clay Formes, published in Aug 2023 features 30 of South Africa’s top contemporary clay artists of which Melissa is honored to be included. 

 view here

Sarie magazine: May 2022 edition

Nature Morte, The Still from Life at Rupert Museum

May ​- August 2021. Can be viewed here.

Earthbound at Eclectica Contemporary​

April 2021 Art times - Review

August 2019 Ceramics – Southern Africa

Issue 17/2019, ISSN 2412-5199


Non-published Papers


​​Sacred Marriage ritual of the Sumerians and the Kings that practiced it.

Can be viewed at

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